Friday, February 25, 2011

Going Ons


So lots of things have gone on since my last post. Here's my updated and probably the final version, for now, for my pitch in 3d animation.

We then moved on to incorporating sound in our animation. The next main project we're doing is animating a dance to sound. We did an exercise first where we try to match shapes to the beat of the song we're using. I chose a Korean pop song because I thought it would be fun to animate a dance to. Here's that.

In Sketchbook Ideation, we started doing speed forms. I was struggling a lot with these. They're pretty much drawing forms that usually look like vehicles in perspective out of your head. You would design one side, and then transfer it to the other side of the center line so that it is symmetrical. I'm not very good at construction, so it was very difficult for me. Once again though, I haven't had time to scan these. The class did go on a trip to the Lyon museum, which was really cool. The museum had airplanes and cars from WII that were still functional. I was able to scan those sketches so I'll post theme here. :)

For the last two weeks in digital figure drawing, I felt as if I'm not as strong as I could be. At least I'm getting drawings out, so the good ones can come in later. :)

I'll post those anyway. It's nice to be able to track your growth.

This set is the ones I did the previous week.

And here's the stuff I did this week.

Modern and Contemporary is pretty much the same.

With Environment, I'm still struggling in the class too, but Jason knows so much and it's great learning from him. His twin came in the previous week, which was pretty cool. I was talking to Evan, the twin, for a while, and he just started sounding like Jason, haha. What's cool was that Evan was studying to become an anesthetist nurse, which is one of the career paths Casey, my boyfriend, was considering, so they were able to exchange a few emails to talk about it.

So here's my stuff for that class. I did some changes to the boat scene based on Jason's critique. Here's that.

He gave me a few pointers that I could work on last Saturday, so I'll be working on those to turn in tomorrow.

Then I drew a sewer scene. I thought it'd be kind of cool if the family had to run away from the gangs and travel through the sewers. There, they see for the first time a huge overgrown alien plant. Jason gave me a critique in class, which I made changes accordingly.

We're suppose to go to a panel of Tron concept artist tomorrow if everyone in the class can get in. So hopefully we do. I finally got to see the movie last week. The story was bland, but oh my goodness was it some nice eye candy. Lots of ohh's and ahh's at the design they did for the movie. Hopefully we can go.

I've also been working on writing my cover letter and resume so I can apply to internships for the summer. They're going well so far. Hopefully I'll be able to get one. :) Next step is getting my portfolio ready for the art internships and getting a letter of recommendation. Wish me luck.

So that's it for now. Bye. :)

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