Monday, August 30, 2010

Concept Design Academy Summer 2010

So for the summer I decided to take Character Design with David Colman at the Concept Design Academy. It was SOOOO much fun, and I learned a lot. I think my stuff improved by the end.

We had one main project throughout the semester. We had to redesign a fairy tale with a genre twist. So first we had to choose three characters-at least one animal and one human. So I did Snow Queen, and I choose the Snow Queen, Gerda, and the Rain deer. The first half of the semester we had to do a more graphic approach, and then the second half we did one more based on forms. We also did various other side assignments, such as costume figure drawing, sketch book assignments, and other fun stuff. :)

So I hope you enjoy it! I'm posting stuff in chronological order.

Anything marked in black in the following figure drawings were done by Dave.

His corrections were very helpful.

The image above isn't my drawing (although I hope to be able to draw like that someday). It's a collage of my inspiration for the project. It's mainly from a small French studio called Anakama.