Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy Holidays and a New Year!!

I hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Year. :)

For Christmas I decided to give a shot at paper cut outs, so I made one for my boyfriend as a present.  I stayed up super late to finish it, but he enjoyed it so it was worth it. :)

While on the subject of presents, I finally took pictures of the present I made him for our seven year anniversary.  So here's that.

I've also finished a drawing I did for my friend who helped me won the Paper Wings Contest a few months back.  I hope she likes it, because with out her, I don't think I would have won.

I then painted a Sargent master copy. It was challenging but really fun at the same time.

I also went to the Huntington Beach Bolsa Chica Wet Lands yesterday and took some awesome pictures. I'm hoping to do some studies with some of the photos.

Anywhat, that's it for now, I hope everyone enjoys the rest of their break and have a great, successful, and fun New Year. :)

End of Fall Semester

Sorry for the late post, but it's been pretty busy.  So fall semester ended, and it has been a pretty interesting semester.  First off, the school decided to change hosts for our email accounts, so alexandravo@lagunacollege.edu no longer works.  If you wish to contact me, please send your future emails to alexandra.p.vo[at]gmail.com  That would be great.  Thanks and sorry for any inconvenience! 

Anywhat, I ended up enjoying the second part of Western Civilization more than what I thought I would, and I learned a lot too.  

Modeling was frustrating, but at least I know the basics now so I can apply it to my Senior film next year.  Here's the first character model I have ever done.  We also had to rig and skin it as well. It's based off the moon character that I had drawn and sculpted earlier on in the semester.

I finished up a couple more characters for my Dessert Peter Pan project. Here are the ideations for my crocodile design. I decided it would be fun if she was a happy-go-lucky-girl, so her final design was inspired by a strawberry short cake.  I also finished up Tinker Bell.  I decided to go with a fruit cup/ cream puff idea for her design.  Since they go as a set, I thought I would repost the final drawings of the previous characters as well.  I hope you enjoy them. :)

For my final Animal Drawing project, I based it off an old Greek myth.  Instead of a male centaur though, I decided to make it female. She sees Hercules and his wife and becomes jealous, so she decides to kidnap the wife.  Hercules kills her and saves the day. Hooray for Hercules, but poor Nessus.  She just wanted to be loved. :(

Then for layout we drew an multi-plane environment from our workbook. I chose the first scene with the establishing shot of the small French Cafe. It was really difficult working with blue pastel and charcoal though. I'll post a line drawing and then the tonal. :)

That's it for now, I'll post more in a bit on what I've been doing over winter break so far. :) Stay tuned!