Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Spring 2010

This semester was pretty fun. I did pretty well too! But, I still have tons more to learn.

My first class on Monday was Western Civilization with Clayton Garrison. It was fun learning about the culture. My favorite part was the portion on Philosophy and the First Great Age of Science in the Hellenistic Age.

My next class on Monday was Animation 1 with Sue Kroyer. We did a few pencil test exercises and then started on our story that we will be animating in Animation 2.

Here are my pencil tests that I did for the class:


Here are my character designs and emotion sheet for my film I will be animating in Animation 2. It's called "Aqua Stone."

Here's my rough animatic for the short.

"Aqua Stone" Animatic from Alex Vo on Vimeo.

I didn't have class on Tuesday, which was a nice break to let me catch up in my classes.

On Wednesday, I had Sequential Art with Marshall Vandruff. It was a very fun class, and I learned a lot. The class is described as, "This course focuses on storytelling with pictures. Students learn the relationship between character and story development, and how to compose images and arrange them in sequence to present a coherent and emotionally effective story. Students also work on public speaking skills by pitching their story to the class."

I decided to make a comic called "Thieves of Tahira." I finished the rough thumbnails for the comic, but I'll only be posting the development drawings for it. I'm planning on finalizing the comic over the summer, so when I do that, I will be posting it then.

My next class was on Thursday. I had Character Design with Lou Police. I was struggling a lot at first, but I finally got the hang of it. It was a really fun class too, and I learned a lot about designing a character. We got to take a field trip to Dreamworks, which was pretty fun too.

The project we had to do was to choose an existing story, and then five characters from it. We then have to give a twist to it by changing the genre and time period. So I chose Aladdin and the characters I chose were Aladdin, the princess, the sultan, the sorcerer, and the genie. The twist I gave on it was Ancient Korean Cirque du Soleil.

So here are my characters:

My last class was on Friday. It was Figure Drawing for Animators 1 with Larissa Marantz. The class focused more on gestures, movement, emotion, and costume. It was my first figure drawing class that actually had costumes, and it was really fun. I need a lot of work on getting the form, and wrapping around the lines in the figure. I also need work on hands and feet. Lots to learn!

So that was my Spring Semester :). It was pretty fun. I can't wait until Fall Semester. Just for the hell of it, here's an extra tidbit of my improvement over seven years.

Here's to the improvement in the next seven years to come!