Saturday, July 30, 2011

PaperWings Contest Entry: Faie Creo

VOTING HAS STARTED :D Please help me with me with my art career by stopping by to vote on my piece if you think it's deserving. Simply go to the following link:

To the left of the image there is a "like" button.  It'll look like a thumbs up.  All you have to do is click that and then you're done!  No registration is  needed to vote and it would only take a few seconds.

You can also check out all the entries at this link :)

My friend is also running here:

Best of luck to the other contestants!

And thanks in advance for your help if you do decide to vote on mine!
So Paper Wings Podcast is hosting their first contest!  First place wins a Intous 4 tablet. :x 

Voting period will be the first of August.  You can vote on more than one, and there's a winner in each of the three quote categories.  If you think mine's deserving, please help my art career by voting on my submission when the time comes. It's very easy to vote. Once my entry is up, go to the website and simply click "like." Make sure it's directly from their website, otherwise the like will not count. :D  I would really appreciate it. 

And now for my submission. :D

The quote I chose was, “I dream of painting and then I paint my dream.” by Vincent Van Gogh. I was inspired by the stuff animal my lovely boyfriend won for me. It's very dear to my heart, so I thought it would be a great point to start off for the contest.

Although I hope to win, best of luck to everyone!

Summer's almost over D:

Hi everyone!

I hope you all are enjoying your summer so far.  One of my items from neopets has finally gone live, so I can share it with you. :D

Go to the following link:
and then search for  "Shell Wings."  If you don't have a pet, you can put it on the default one. :)  I'm excited that something I created is in a game.  I hope everyone enjoys it.

And here's an update on what I've been doing in my CDA classes.  I only have a few weeks left of both the classes and the internship and it makes me sad.  Even though the summer was very busy, I learned a lot, and it was great.

I don't have much time to into detail on what each thing is, so I'm just going to post it. :)

First up! Figure Invention for Animators!

Analytical Figure Drawing :D

And then Environment Design. :)

That's it for now. :) I'm also entering a contest to win a tablet! :D I'll be posting that in it's own post in a little bit. There will be a voting period, so I hope if it's deserving, you all will vote for it. :D

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Summer Days

So since summer started I've been extremely busy.  Luckily, I was able to fit in a few fun stuff.  My boyfriend had his commencement at UCI and my sister also graduated high school.  I went to Universal Studios with my boyfriend and his family for his birthday, which was really fun.  I really like the new tram ride and the King Kong experience.  I also celebrated my high school friend's 23rd birthday.  We made jello shots in fruit cups! It was really cool.  We poured the jello into carved out oranges, so that when it sets, we can cut it into slices and eat the jello that way.  Yum. Then for fourth of July, I attended a BBQ, went to Wild Rivers, and watched fireworks from the Huntington Beach pier!  But beside those things, I've been pretty busy working.

I was able to get the art internship at Neopets, so that's been taking up a lot of my time. I can't go into the details or show what I've done, but so far I've been designing and executing different items that the pets can wear.  The art team is very fun and nice.  I had some little issues when I first started with the paperwork, but it's resolved now so it's all good. :D

I've also been taking those classes at Concept Design Academy.  That pretty much takes up all my time.  So usually my day would be as follows: go to work at Neopets, then to classes at CDA, come home and do homework until way hours of the night, pass out, and  then wake up and start all over again.  I'm learning SOOOOO much though.  There's so much knowledge that the different teachers have and such great tips on making things easier.  I'll post what I've done in the first five weeks below! I only have the homework to show.  I haven't recorded anything I've done in class yet.

So first up is my Figure Invention for Animators class with Rad Sechrist.  The first week we focused on  breaking down the construction of the head, so for homework we had to do studies.

Then we moved onto the torso.

And then we started on our personal projects.  I'm doing character designs based off of a Vietnamese fairy tale.  So far I've only gotten the ideation sketches done but you can check them out anyway.

Then onto the next class, Analytical Figure Drawing. Kevin Chen knows SOOO much, it's incredible. If you have the time or money to take this class, TAKE IT! It's definitely worth it. I just wish I can execute all the great things he taught. I've been also attending Laguna's Saturday workshop every week to get my homework done for this class. So been busy doing that as well. So here's my homework.

My last class is Environment Design with James Paick. My Environment Design teacher from LCAD, Jason Schieir, is sitting in the classes so I get to see him there. :) I feel as if I'm struggling a little still, but I'm learning a lot. So far these are just thumbnails.

For our first design assignment, we have to design a Magic the Gathering card! From the description it sounded like a swamp card to me. This was challenging because I usually like pretty stuff, so the decay was something new. Still really enjoy working on it!

So sorry for the long absence, but at least you get a HUGE update.  I'll try to find more time to update more when I can.