Monday, October 29, 2012

Detour de France, CTN and Such

Hey Everyone!!

I hope all is well. :)  The last few weeks have been crazy.  Just finished with midterms and now I'm getting ready for CTN Expo.  I'm so excited.  Can't wait to meet up with some old friends and making new ones! Hope to see you guys there.

Here's the business card I'll be handing out this year.

You might be able to recognize the couples as the same ones from my senior film.  I can't show the updated reel here in case I want to submit it to film festivals, but here's some of the art I'v done for it.

For Visual Development, I'm designing for Hans Christian Anderson's The Nightingale.  I've got a few sketches here and then the color script. :)

I've done some plein air paintings here and there, but not as often as I would like due to my work schedule.  My Disneyland pass also expired so I'm sad I can't go there and paint anymore. :(  Oh wells, there's always the off chance that I get a job there and then I'd be able to go whenever I want. :D

That's it for now.  Best wishes to all and hope to see you guys at CTN!