Tuesday, August 16, 2011

CDA and Internship are over: Sadness.

So classes and internships are finally over.  It went by so fast.  I guess it's okay since now my summer can start for the next two weeks and then back to school :D. On another note, I went to the Orange Country Fair last weekend.  That was a lot of fun.  I even tried one of those nasty doughnut chicken sandwiches.  Never again.  I did get hypnotized there though. :) It's really trippy.  You're just so relaxed you don't care what they're telling you to do, haha.

So on to art stuff.  The internship was great.  I met a lot of awesome people and learned a lot.  I hope to keep in touch with everyone.  As a thank you gift, I made them these little felt birds as presents.  I hope they like them.  I even burnt my finger making them. :O 

Each little bird was different. :)  I also gave a piece of chocolate and my business card all wrapped up in a little goodie bag. :D

I also just found out I won a merit scholarship for Animation from my school :D  I just need to write a thank you letter and such now. Yay :) I also won grand prize for that contest I mentioned last post!  I couldn't believe it.  I really appreciate all the support I got from everyone.  It meant a lot to me. :)

Anywhat, so here's the final stuff I did for CDA:

Figure Invention:

And now Analytical Figure Drawing :D

And lastly Environment. :x

On the last day of class, I went to grab drinks and dinner with my teachers, so that was really fun. :)  I can't wait until next summer so I can take some more classes there.  That's it for now, bye! :D