Saturday, February 5, 2011

Art Inbetween School Fall 2010

Hi everyone,

I know I've been inactive for a bit, and I apologize. It's been really busy in my life. I've decided to do more frequent posts, instead of posting every semester. This way, I don't have a huge bulk that just piles up. :) I'll start off with art that I do on the side of my school assignments. So here we go!

To start off, I ended up coloring two of the line work I did from my character design class from CDA.

Then after taking CDA, I decided to redesign my characters from the Aqua Stone short so that they would look better for when I animate them in animation two. I also redid the story reel as well.

And here's the revised story reel. :)

Aqua Stone Revised Story Reel from Alex Vo on Vimeo.

In October was also my boyfriend and mine's 6th year anniversary, so I decided to paint him a skateboard deck for one of his presents. Oh, before that, I didn't get to post what I made him last year, so let's do that first. It was our 5th year anniversary thing, which is a pretty big landmark, so I bought him an ipod touch, and I designed him a cover for it.

Here's what it looks like.

So back to the skateboard. Here's the work in progress for that. :)

I also made him a set of matching bookmarks, but I don't have photos of those just yet. I'll post those up when I do.

During the summer, I entered a hair design contest for the game I played called, Lost Saga. I didn't find out that I won until September. I won for the female hair design, and they put it in game so people could buy. :) It was pretty exciting. The prize was lame, but should be good for my resume.

Here's my original design.

And here it is in game! You can change the hair color as well.

So all of this, I did while I had to do my regular projects for school. It was very time consuming, but worth it in the end.

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