Friday, February 11, 2011

Birthday and Stuff

Thank you everyone for the warm birthday wishes today. They certainly put a smile on my face. :)

So here's an update!

This semester, I'm taking Computer Animation 2, Concept Sketchbook Ideation, Figure Drawing for Animators 3, Modern and Contemp, and Environment Design for Game Art. I"m taking a few game art classes, to help with my visual development skills.

In Computer Animation we started off with posing to help us get back into the grove.

Here are the three poses I did.

We then animated a baseball pitch based off the one found in the Preston Blair book. Mine still need a few work tightening up the detail in the animation. But overall, it's not too shabby. Normally the class would use a Norman rig, but I absolutely dread and dislike that rig, so I found another one. It's called Eleven, and it was made by the Eleven Second club. Here's a link to it in case you want to use it.

So here's my animation. I'm probably going to try and nail it down over the weekend if I have some time.

For Concept Sketchbook Ideation, Kyle, our teacher, completely changed the class since he got pissed off at the previous semester. The class really concentrates on how to draw, getting the correct perspective, construction, etc. Which is really great, because it's one of my weak points. And so, I'm having a little trouble in the class because of that weakness, but at least that means I will learn a lot too. I haven't scanned that work in yet, so I don't have any examples to show as of now, but I post them later when I can.

In Figure Drawing for Animators, we do the drawings digitally now. It's new to me, so it's kinda fun to try that out. I'm pretty pleased in the direction they're going. However, there's still a LOT of room to improve. Here's some of the ones I did on the first and fourth week of class. On the second and third week of class, we did some paper cut outs and white on black paper. I'll upload those once I take pictures of them.

These range anywhere from 3 minutes to 20 minutes.

My Friday class I'm not very fond of. The teacher is very nice, but I'm not really into the subject. It really peeved me when one of my classmates said Capitalism is evil. He should try living in a communist society and see how that's like.

Environment is another difficult class for me. A lot of my classmates are very skilled, so it's a bit intimidating. It's a fun class none the less. This semester, the class is run more like a studio. The project we're doing is a post apocalyptic world due to alien plants.

Before we decided on the cause being alien plants. I thought of the idea of a flood. Kind of similar to Atlantis.

Here are my thumbnails for that.

After we decided on the content, I tried doig a few thumbnails with the different environments we discussed in class. Jason, my teacher for this class, gave me a lot of good feedback, so hopefully I can incorporate those in my future thumbnails.

And then for this week's homework, I tried doing some ideation for some of the alien plants. I also started trying to take one of the thumbnails to more of a completion. I'm still working on that though. I'll still post the graphic sketch I have for that so far.

So here are those.

That's it for now. :) I'll be posting more as I do them. Toodles.

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