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LCAD Fall 2010

Kay! So now onto what I did in the Fall Semester of 2010. This semester was pretty frustrating and slightly depressing. I took two animation classes at the same time, and that is not a good idea. Animation takes a lot of time to work on, and having two classes just didn't give one time to work it so that the animations are perfect. It made me realized that I don't enjoy animation as much as I thought. However, it did make me want to try visual development, so that's a good thing and I'm excited for it.

What was cool this semester was that I was able to attend the Creative Talent Network Expo. It's pretty much an expo with the top animators and people in the animation industry. I was able to make a business card and a portfolio to show the studios.

Here's what my business card looks like. It was my first ever business card, and I'm pretty happy with it.

I was able to show many big time studios my work as well as many other admirable artists. They said I was heading in the right path, but like what my other teachers said, I need to work more on the construction, and understand the body mechanics and how it works. But hey, at least I'm heading in the right path, and now I know what I need to work on.

So now onto the semester classes,

First off, on Tuesday, I had Animation Two where we worked on dialogue and our film that we started in Animation One. What was interesting was the class only had three people in it, so it was great for student and teacher time. There was even this one instant where both my other classmates were gone, so it was just me. But as I said before, having two animation classes was very difficult, and unfortunately I didn't get to fully finish my animated film. But what I do have of it, I think I improved from what it was originally, which is always a good thing.

So here's the first project we did, which was the dialogue scene. I was really into The Office then, so I decided to choose a line said by Dwight.

Idiots from Alex Vo on Vimeo.

And here's our final animation.

Aqua Stone ~ Some Animation from Alex Vo on Vimeo.

For my next class I had Story boarding. It was right after Animation, so I was a bit tired, but it was a really fun class. We were divided into groups and had to come up with a story to create an animatic for. I had an awesome group, and they chose my story to work on, so it was fun. I did a couple of character designs for the project. Which you could see here!

And here's the animatic for it. We decided on naming it Bouy Call. I drew the scenes with the starfish and puffer fish as well as when the octopus is fainting. I also did 1/3rd of the editing. Enjoy!

Bouy Call from Alex Vo on Vimeo.

We also did a personal project that we had to pitch to the class. There's a lot of images for that project though, so I'm not going to post that here unfortunately.

I then had Wednesday and Thursday off which was a nice break to catch up on homework.

Then Friday morning I had Western Art 2, which is a class that covers from Medieval Art all the way to Van Gogh. It was an interesting class, and it was nice seeing all the different artwork, but I HATED the quizzes and tests. We had to memorize all the artists, names of the paintings, and dates, for everything we covered. Even though our final wasn't cumulative, we still had at least 54 sets to memorize on top of all the vocabulary and content we needed to know. It was just too much. I did pretty well in the class, but yeah. I honestly don't remember most of the artists anymore, so I wish that memorization time could have been used for something else.

After that class, I had Figure Drawing for Animators Two.We made an end of the semester portfolio similar to what we did in Figure Drawing for Animators One so it's nice to compare the two and see where I improved in.

So here's the portfolio:

Cool. And then on Saturday, I had my other animation class, Computer Animation One. This class was also a bit frustrating, because I felt like it was a bit rushed and there was too many projects. I still did well in the class, but I think I could have done better if I was given more time. So here are our projects we did for the class!

And that's what I did for the Fall 2010 Semester! Onward to Spring 2011. Like I said previously, I'll try to update more often as oppose to by semester. This way there would be more frequent posts, and it wouldn't pile up at the end. :)

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