Sunday, March 6, 2011

Midterm Week

So this week was midterm, and I had crappy luck. In Computer Animation, I was forced to use Norman, which I already dislike. While I was just finishing a pose, he decides to crap out and get all wonky. I pretty much had to redo the pose completely.

Then in Sketchbook class, Kyle didn't tell us we needed all the work we did throughout the whole semester, so I only brought work that was due that week. Turned out he wanted a midterm review, so I had to drive all the way back to Huntington Beach and back again.

Then in Modern and Contemp, I had to print out some pictures, but I ran out of magenta ink, so I asked a friend to print it out. She came in super late, so that utterly sucked as well.

Good stuff.

But other than that, Figure drawing was interesting. I decided to use a little color this week. Here's some stuff from that. :)

And then in environment, I worked more on fixing the boat as well as tried coloring a piece (kinda failed), and drew a scene at the ice poles.

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