Thursday, March 1, 2012

Midterms and Lunar Revel

'Ello people!

Hope everyone's doing well. School had started and it's been pretty busy.  Before all that though, I had entered a contest hosted by the game I play, League of Legends.  We had to take a character, as well as an in shop item and paint it with the theme of the New Lunar New Year.  Unfortunately I didn't place, but I did get runner up.  That at least got me around $30 dollars of prizes so that's not too bad.  There was over 4,500 entries, so I guess that's something! :D It still pushed me a lot, and I think this is the first painting I've done with so many characters in it. :x

Before school had started I also did a speed painting of when I went to Bolsa Chica Wetlands in Huntington Beach.  That was fun.

I also had fun doing an exercise on design where I take random shapes and try to make something out of it. :) I decided to just to some self portraits and then some of my boyfriend.
I later choose one from each and printed them out. I then made my own flower pot, glued the images on it, and gave it to him for Valentine's :). Once I get a picture of that, I'll post it up here. :D

Soooooo...on to school :)

I'm taking Directing for Animators, Aesthetics, History of Animation and Background Painting at LCAD.  Because I'm only taking 12 units, I decided to also take Visual Development at Kazone Art.  That class is super fun, and Patrick Raines, the instructor, knows a lot and is helping me push my work.  I still have a lot to learn, but it's been fun.  I decided to combine the projects in Background Painting and the Vis Dev class, because the requirements are essentially the same. I'm continuing my Peter Pan project from last semester, so I will be doing pieces based on the dessert theme.

The first one I did was of Peter and Wendy in the nursery.  Since they're still in London, I decided not to add the dessert aspect just yet.

Here's a work in progress of the final painting.  I think there's still some polishing needed though.

The next scene I did for Background Painting. They're at Neverland now and Peter is showing Wendy his tree house.

And here's the work in progress for the final painting for that.

Then in Vis Dev again, I started on the Mermaid Lagoon scene. In this one, they're trying to drown Wendy.

I still have some fixings I need to do on the drawing before I start painting on it, but that's that.

In Directing for Animators, we've been pretty much working on the storyboards for our Senior Film. I probably won't post the process of that until the final animatic.

As for the other two classes they're pretty much your typical Liberal Arts classes.

That's it for now. :)

Take care!


  1. I'm in love with the lunar festival painting!

  2. Alex, awesome stuff as always! :D

  3. Ooo that firs painting's impressive! I also like all the waviness in all your environments areas, looks neat :)

  4. Thanks so much guys <3

    Waviness O.o?

  5. These are great, Alex! You're growing a lot! That first painting is rad!

  6. Thanks so much Sherwin! Your stuff is killer too. Got a long way to go to just compete with you. :x