Thursday, March 29, 2012

Kazone's Over. :(

I always get so sad after my classes finish. D:  I learn so much from them, and I have such a great time.  I can't wait for the summer, so I can take some more. I guess now, I can at least concentrate on my work from LCAD.

I was able to visit Disney Studio yesterday, and it was absolutely amazing! I can't tell you about it unfortunately , but be very excited for their upcoming release, because it's absolutely wonderful!

So in my Vis Dev class from Kazone, I worked on my mermaid piece that I posted in the last post.  I changed some of the drawing so that it can read better and did some color keys. Overall, I would like to work more on my pieces, and get them polished for my portfolio. Hope you enjoy them. :)

The last one, I decided to do the scene where they're returning back from Neverland to London on their magic flying pirate ship. :) Like I said, I want to work on them some more to make them better and good enough for my portfolio.

Here's what I've been doing in Background Painting as well.

I fixed the line drawing to the Interior Tree house, and did a color key for it.

And then in Directing for Animators, we had to re-edit a film into a different genre and turned it into a trailer. This was super fun. I used Willy Wonka and the Chocolate factory. I'll let you watch it for yourself to see what I changed it into. :)

That's it for now. :) See you guys!


  1. hey alex it was cool seeing you yesterday sorry i couldn't talk but maybe we'll see eachother later!

  2. Thanks, James!

    And no worries, Sylvia. I'm glad I was able to at least run into you. Talk to you later. :)

  3. Dang this is some cool stuff Alex! Your colors are really nice and it's nice seeing your sketches compared to the finished pieces. Keep this up, this will make a great portfolio :)

  4. Thanks, Thomas! I'm definitely learning a lot.