Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Last Term of College!!

Hi guys!!

I can't believe I finished my last semester of college!! @_@ It's been a long journey, but a new one is about to begin now. :D

I finished the rough animation of my short film, "Detour De France", but unfortunately I can't post it anywhere online in case I decide to submit it to film festivals. :x Sorry!! I can post some of the illustrations I did for the credits though. :D

Here's that:

I also created a poster inspired by the Mondo style for the film. :)

I took Visual Development again with Luc Desmarchelier as well.  Since it's my second time taking it, I got to choose whichever story I wished.  I decided to use one of my own. :) It's called New Beginnings. It's also the first project I got to work on where I also got to go on location to take my own reference images. That was a lot of fun. :D I hope you guys enjoy it!!

That's it for now. Cheers and onward to new adventures!! :)


  1. ALEX!!!! I LOVE SEEING YOUR FULL PROCESS HERE!!! :D FANTASTIC! Holy crap you did a lot of work for that visdev class... I'm proud of you! Your color scripts especially are beautiful ;_;

    Also, I've said it plenty but I'll say it again... CONGRATULATIONS ON GRADUATING!! FREEEDDOOMMM!! :D SO PROUD SO PROUD~!

    1. Aww..Thanks Elora!! I actually have more work done for that class but decided not to post it. D:

      Thanks for being there!! <3