Thursday, September 22, 2011

Back to School

So school started, and we've been in about a month now. I'm taking Western Civilization 2, Modeling for Animators, Character Design 2, Animal Drawing and layout.

I'll be frank, and say that Western Civ is my least favorite class. So lets move on from that.

With Modeling for Animators, we came up with characters and then started sculpting it first. I didn't have a character made up yet, so I did a few ideations of several characters from a story I made up. The two main characters here are the moon and night. I don't have names for them yet, so I'll just call them so respectively. They're both introverted, calm, logical and very composed. They have animal companions. Moon has a unicorn, and Night has a black lion. Night is Moon's guardian, and fights with a fencing foil or dueling cane. Moon has magical powers and uses her staff to channel her powers. So here are the sketches. :)

We decided to model Moon first, so the last image is what I sculpted.  I took pictures of my work in progress, so you can see that too. :)

So in the upcoming weeks, I'll be working on modeling her staff in Maya, and then her. :)  We'll see how that goes.  Wish me luck!

Next I have Character Design 2.  In that class we're designing five characters based on a story with a twist.  I decided to choose Peter Pan, and my twist is that it's inspired by desserts!  I don't want a literal approach, but more of an abstract dessert look, so I'll be using the shapes and colors for design.

The first character I'm doing is Tiger Lily.  She's different from the Disney version, and a bit more wild, and spunkier.  She tries to sneak on the pirate ship to try and get captain hook. 

I did several thumbnails looking at different type of desserts. 

My teacher and I decided to choose the design that was mostly influenced by cupcakes and raspberry filling. So here's that. :)

Next is Animal Drawing, and we're focusing on learning the skeletal structure.  I think it's completely awesome.  I never knew that the animal skeleton is so similar to a human's, but it is! We haven't done many assignments in that class yet.  So far we just did a skeletal study of an animal of our choosing, broken down into planes.  I decided to choose a black bear as mine.

Then in Layout we've been doing film studies and environment sketches.  The first film study I did was of a sequence in Tangled.

The first environment study we did, was of an interior space.  I choose to do my living room.

The next film study I did was of Lucky Number Slevin. 

Then for our next environment study, we had to do an exterior.

We also did an in-class assignment, where we had to demonstrate an emotion through our drawing.  Out of the options she gave, I chose elated.

Other than school work, I went to the "It's a Small World" exhibit at Gallery Nucleus last weekend.  That was a lot of fun.  I got to see a lot of familiar faces and got to meet some new cool artists.  That's it for now. :) Toodles!