Tuesday, May 10, 2011

School's Out for the Summer! Finals and Online Portfolio

Yay, so I'm finished with finals and it's now summer! I thought I did pretty well on the finals, and it was a great semester overall.  Just to start off, I finally have an art portfolio blog to show professionals. It includes my portfolio, animations, and resume. You can find it here: www.alexandravo.blogspot.com  I hope you enjoy it. :D

Anywhat, in Computer Animation with Mauricio Hoffman, we had to do a collaborative project for a dialog scene. I made mine with Jennifer Wynters. We took a dialog clip from Dodgeball, and animated it. She animated the first half(scenes 1-4; 1-13 secs) , and I animated the second half (scenes 5-11; 14-26 secs).

Touche: Full from Alex Vo on Vimeo.

It was pretty fun. The most fun project we did the whole semester. I wish we had more time to polish it though. If you just want to see my half you can see it bellow:

Touche: My Part Only from Alex Vo on Vimeo.

Then in Sketchbook Ideation with Kyle Kane, we pretty much turned in all the work we did the whole semester. I still haven't recorded the traditional stuff yet, but you can see the digital stuff bellow. :)  I was originally really worried about this class, but it ended well, so that's good. :) The last section that we did were environments.  Some of the ones bellow are master studies, so you might be able to recognize some of them.

Then in my next class, Figure Drawing for Animators with Lou Police, we choose our top 50 drawings and submitted it on a CD. I've been posting the drawings I've been doing throughout the semester so I won't repost those. Just the new ones. :)

Then in Modern and Contemporary with Bill Havlicek we just had to turn in a final paper. This was my least favorite class by far. I'm not really a fan of Modern and Contemproary-both the art and philosophy. However, it was a very easy class and I ended up doing well, so that's good.

Lastly I had Environment Design with Jason Schieir. I learned a LOT from this class. I walked in not knowing much about photoshop, but I came out pretty proud of myself. I know I still have a lot to learn, but I still can't believe that I was capable of doing the work I did. I struggled a lot at first, but I kept at it, and it was worth it in the end. You've seen some of the work I did throughout the semester in my previous posts. I'm just going to upload my final work in the layout that I presented tot he class. We had to give a pitch, which I was really nervous about, but I made it through. :)

Overall, I learned a LOT this semester.  I know two of my classes won't count towards my degree, but it's the knowledge that counts. 

Over the summer, my plan is to take a few classes at Concept Design Academy.  I'm planning on taking Analytical Figure Drawing with Kevin Chen, Figure Invention with Rad Sechrist, and Environment Design with James Paick.  I'm soooo excited to take those classes.  I'm still trying to look for internships as well, but no luck there yet.  I haven't gotten a call back from Nickelodeon after that interview I had a month ago, so I think it's a no go. :(  Hopefully something else will come up  though. :)

Anywhat, everyone have an awesome summer!  Keep drawing! :D


  1. your environments look lovely, alex! :)

  2. Alex! Your environments are fantastic!

  3. Thanks Morghan! I learned soooo much from that class. If you have time to audit a class, take Jason Schieir's Environment Design. It's so worth it.