Sunday, August 9, 2009

LCAD Summer School 2009

I finally started my first classes at LCAD. I was extremely excited. I had the honor of studying under Hope Railey. I took Foundation Drawing and Foundation figure drawing with her.

In Foundation Drawing, we studied blind contour, contour, line thickness, ellipses in
perspective, two point perspective, negative space, and shading (form shadow, cast shadow, core shadow, highlight, and reflective light).

In Figure Drawing, we studied the Reilley method, gestures, anatomy. We did excercises where we drew the figure within 30 seconds to 6 hours. We also studied from Masters by copying their work.

I had a wonderful experience in both classes. I made a lot of friends, learned, and improved greatly. The class was difficult at first, but it was well worth it.

By the way, the drawings were taken with a camera, so I appologize for the lousy lighting.

These are the drawings from my Figure Drawing course. They're in chronological order, so hopefully they show improvement.

The following are studies from master copies.


  1. Your tonal pieces look great ^^. I love the still life ones, and your tonal figures look good too. They have a lot of form and weight to them.

  2. I saw some of your contour pieces in my drawing class, I had no idea they were yours, they're great!

  3. hey! very strong foundation work over the summer. how about an update Alex! hahah