Sunday, June 7, 2009

Saturday Drawings June

Here are the drawings from the Saturday workshop again from yesterday. I met a someone who is currently going to CSU San Jose. She advised me to work on the rhythm of my drawings, so that's what I tried to do in this section.

Honestly, I'm having a hard time grasping that concept. It's also very confusing, and overwhelming combining all advices from both LCAD, Walt Stanchfield, and her. I do believe though, that once I grasp all of those advices, my drawings will become a lot better.

"I Shall Return" Illustration

The high school that I graduated from was going to have an Art show. The teacher invited me to include one of my drawings. I decided to make this illustration.

It's my interpretation of Beauty and the Beast. It's at the moment where Beast lets Belle return to her father. He worries that she'll never come back though. After all, who can ever love a beast.

The art show was fun and interesting. The teacher left for a couple of hours and left me in charge. It was amusing bossing around a bunch of high school kids and funny when they thought I was a sophomore. They were in complete shock when they found out I was 21. Go asian genes.

I didn't get to sell as many prints as I wanted. A lot of people stood in front of my drawing and observed it for a while though, so that's good.

Saturday Drawings Jan 09-April 09

These are the drawings that I have been doing at the LCAD Saturday figure drawing workshop. Each pose ranges from five minutes to an hour. The drawings are posted chronologically.

This is the point where I've read Drawn to Life by Walt Stanchfield. I tried to apply his teachings in these drawings and beyond. I think they're a lot more lively. I recommend reading the books (both volume 1 and 2) if you haven't.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Once Upon a Sketch: The Begining

Hi everyone,

I'm Alexandra Vo; I go by Alex. I recently transferred to Laguna College of Art and Design (LCAD) for an Animation major with an Illustration minor. I will officially start there this fall, 31 August 2009, but I will also be taking summer school there before hand. I can tell you, I'm extremely excited. I had a lot of issues finding a school that is right for me, and I think I finally found it at LCAD.

I created this Blog so I can follow my growth as an artist. This blog will contain more of my rough drawings as well as my completed finish drawings. I am learning coding so that I can hopefully create a website along with this blog. The website will act as my portfolio, and this blog will contain, as I said, more of my sketches and works in process.

I hope you enjoy viewing my artwork, and I appreciate any comment or critique.